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Japanese Patent JP2012256518
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To provide a switch device that can switch an electrical connection state in accordance with three operation states and can be miniaturized.

Metal plates 1 to 3 are fixed to a housing 8 with the longitudinal direction thereof being set to the up-and-down direction so that the plate surfaces thereof are not overlapped with one another. Contact portions 1a, 2a, and 3a are provided to the upper end portions of the metal plates 1 to 3, and electrode portions are provided to the lower end portions thereof. Projections 1d and 1e are provided to a central metal plate 1 so as to be symmetrical with respect to a point on the center axis J in the longitudinal direction of the center metal plate 1, and slant portions 2d and 3e are provided to the right and left metal plates 2 and 3. An operation knob 6 is provided with a left-side operator 6d which pushes the left-side slant portion 2d upon operation to one side so that the left-side metal plate 2 is distorted and the left-side slant portion 2d and the left-side projection 1d are brought into contact with each other, and a right-side operator 6e which pushes the right-side slant portion 3e upon operation to the other side so that the right-side metal plate 3 is distorted and the right-side slant portion 3e and the right-side projection 1e are brought into contact with each other.

Goto, Akira
Ota, Hiroaki
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Publication Date:
December 27, 2012
Filing Date:
June 09, 2011
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International Classes:
H01H23/02; H01H15/04; H01H15/06; H01H23/30
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奥村 秀行