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Japanese Patent JP2013101824
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To provide a switch module capable of reducing costs by using common components.

A switch module 1 has: two or more stationary terminals 10a; and terminal holding movable parts 40 connecting the adjacent stationary terminals 10a by a movable terminal 50 by a movement operation of an operation part 30. Each terminal holding movable part 40 has: rod-like supported part 42 formed into a rod-shape in which a curve-shaped part 42b slidably or swingably supported is formed at least at a lower part 42a, projecting in line on an almost straight line and in opposite directions from both surfaces 41a of a plate-like base part 41 or penetrating orthogonal to the plate-like base part 41, and slidably or swingably supported by a housing 120; a mounting part 43 that is provided at an upper part 41b of the plate-like base part 41 and to which the operation part 30 is detachably/attachably mounted; and a terminal holding part 44 provided at a lower part 41c of the plate-like base part 41 and holding the movable terminal 50.

Mochizuki, Shinji
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Publication Date:
May 23, 2013
Filing Date:
November 08, 2011
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International Classes:
H01H15/06; H01H15/10; H01H15/16
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小林 保