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Japanese Patent JP2003045276
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To provide a switching device which can structure a simple push/push type switch without complicating processes and controls and alleviate shock and restrain generation of noise at time of replacement of a contact point.

The switching device is provided with a driving plate 6 fitted under an operation lever 3 arranged in free up and down movement in a case 1 and rotating in accordance with the up and down movement of the operation lever 3, return springs 4, 5 for restoring the operation lever 3 and the driving plate 6 to their initial positions, and a slider 7 sliding left and right according to the rotation of the driving plate 6. The slider 7 is equipped with a reversing screw 8, which biases the slider 7 to the sliding direction when it moves, and at same time, an elastic arm part 7e is formed equipped with elasticity in contact with an inner wall of a case 2 at both end parts of the slider 7 in its sliding direction.

Takeda, Masayuki
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February 14, 2003
Filing Date:
August 02, 2001
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H01H13/56; H01H3/60; H01H5/08; H01H13/14; H01H13/30; (IPC1-7): H01H13/56; H01H3/60; H01H5/08; H01H13/14; H01H13/30

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