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Japanese Patent JPH09254038
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To carry out a good grinding in all respects and provide large mechanical strength irrespective of the direction of force to be applied by treating a mixture containing a grinding material and binder under pressure of a specific value to form the mixture and using the grinding material having a specific value of the whole volume and matrix which is composed of binder and has a specific value of the whole volume.

A synthetic grindstone is formed by treating a mixture containing fibers as a grinding material and binder under high pressure of 0.5 to 1.5t/cm2. The binder binds fibers under high pressure and forms matrix in the grindstone to increase mechanical strength of the grindstone. In the synthetic grindstone, the grinding material occupies 60 to 95 volume % of the whole volume, and the matrix composed of binder occupies 5 to 40 volume % of the whole volume. If volume % of the grinding material is 60 volume % or less, the strength and grinding capacity of the grindstone are not sufficient, and if it exceeds 95 volume %, binding force due to matrix is reduced. If volume % of the binder is 5 volume % or less, it is impossible to improve mechanical strength of the grindstone, and if it exceeds 40 volume %, the grindstone is softened.

Kuroda, Nobuhiro
Niinuma, Atsushi
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Publication Date:
September 30, 1997
Filing Date:
March 15, 1996
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B24D3/00; B24D3/28; (IPC1-7): B24D3/00; B24D3/28
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渡邉 一平