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Japanese Patent JP3069270
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize quick and reliable fire fighting regardless of existence of partition by detecting the existence of partition for dividing a space under surveillance, selecting a plurality of discharge guns mounted at the both sides of the partition when a fire is broken out, in case the partition is detected, and controlling the discharge guns in a dischargeable state.
SOLUTION: In the case of application to a ballpark 21, a space under surveillance 22 is divided into a plurality of blocks 23, and discharge guns 3E to 3H, each taking charge of each of first to fourth divided spaces 22A to 22D, are arranged outside the divided spaces 22A to 22D. For example, if a fire is detected by a fire detector 1D, the origin of fire is calculated on the basis of information on the origin of fire, a predetermined block corresponding to the origin of fire, for example 23D, is distinguished, and a discharge gun 3H to take charge of a relevant divided space 22D is selected. Further, in case the space under surveillance 22 is divided with mounting a partition comprising a partition curtain 24, discharge guns at the both sides of the partition curtain 24 are selected at the same time or successively, if the origin of fire is judged to be inside an area of partitions at the both sides of the partition curtain 24.

Kanzaki, Masaaki
Matono, Masaaki
Ishida, Hiroshi
Oshima, Koji
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Publication Date:
July 24, 2000
Filing Date:
July 11, 1995
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International Classes:
A62C37/00; A62C37/40; G08B17/00; (IPC1-7): A62C37/00; A62C37/40; G08B17/00
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竹内 進 (外1名)