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Japanese Patent JP2008272165
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To propose a system rack which has an elevating column engaged with a hollow part of a hollow column so that it can be elevated and can stably and smoothly elevate the elevating column.

The system rack is provided with: a base table 4 having an upper surface serving as a lowest table; a hollow column 6 erected on the base table with its inside formed hollow; the elevating column 7 engaged with the hollow part of the hollow column so that the column can be elevated; a highest table 1 fixed horizontally to an upper end of the elevating column; one or more shelves 2 freely removably fixed to the hollow column at proper vertical intervals; a screw hole 11 formed on a side surface of the elevating column with proper vertical intervals; a through-hole formed through the hollow column side surface at a position corresponding to the screw hole; a spacer including a resin plate provided between a surface where the screw hole is engaged on the back side of the elevating column and the surface where the through-hole on the back side of the hollow column is formed; and a fastening screw 15 which is inserted into the through-hole, is selectively screwed into any of the screw hole, and fastens the elevating column to the hollow column.

Otake, Katsumi
Takeda, Kazuhiko
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Publication Date:
November 13, 2008
Filing Date:
April 27, 2007
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International Classes:
A47B96/06; A47B46/00; A47B81/06; A47B97/00; H04N5/64
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平山 俊夫