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Japanese Patent JP2011136068
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To provide a table with telescopic legs that are accurately adjustable in length, which can be mass-produced at low cost due to its simple structure.

A table with telescopic legs includes a table top 1 and telescopic legs 2 fixed to the table top 1, each of which consists of a hollow tube 3, a fixture 4, and a telescopic mechanism 5. The fixture 4 has an insertion part 12 to be inserted into the tube 3, which is divided into a fixed block 13 and a plurality of expansion blocks 14, leaving an expansion space 15 between each of them. The fixed block 13 includes a connected expansion screw 16 to be screwed into the expansion space 15 with the expansion blocks 14 or that between the expansion blocks 14, so that the expansion screw 16 can press the expansion blocks 14 wide apart to make the insertion part 12 press the tube 3 from the inside to fix the tube 3. The telescopic mechanism 5 includes a fixed tube 21 fixed to the bottom of the tube 3, a length adjustment screw 22 to be screwed into the fixed tube 21, and a lock nut 23 to be given screws on the length adjustment screw 22. The length of each telescopic leg 2 can be adjusted in a way that the length adjustment screw 22 is turned until a desired length is obtained with the lock nut 23 loosen and then is fastened by the lock nut 23.

Fukumura, Naoko
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July 14, 2011
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December 28, 2009
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A47B37/00; A47B3/06; A47B9/00; F16B7/14; F16B12/44; F16B12/48; F16B12/52
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