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Japanese Patent JP2012024135
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To provide a table configured to be disposed with supporting legs at four corners of a top board without reduction in mounting strength of the supporting leg even if the table has no frieze board.

The corner parts 2 of the top board 1 of square shape are formed into an arcuate shape, the bottom of each corner part 2 is formed with a recessed notch 6 having a horizontal circular bottom surface 6a having the same diameter as the arc, the recessed notch 6 is coated with an adhesive, a columnar corner block 3 having the same diameter as the recessed notch 6 and having a height equal to or larger than the recessed notch, is inserted and fitted into the recessed notch 6 so that one horizontal end surface 3a abuts on the bottom surface 6a, the corner block 3 is provided with a plurality of concave holes 7 at and around the center of the other horizontal end surface 3b not abutting on the bottom surface 6a, and fixing screws are inserted from the concave holes and threadedly engaged with the top board 1, a fixing plate 8 having the same diameter as the other horizontal end surface and provided with a nut portion 8a embedded into the center concave hole 7, fixedly abuts on the other horizontal end surface 3b, and a screw rod 9 projectingly provided at the upper end of the support leg 4 is threadedly engaged with the nut portion 8a of the fixing plate 8.

Sakakibara, Shuichi
Sakakibara, Taizen
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February 09, 2012
Filing Date:
July 20, 2010
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A47B3/06; A47B13/02; F16B11/00; F16B12/44; F16B12/48
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西山 聞一

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