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Japanese Patent JP3546969
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PURPOSE: To provide a table capable of adjusting arrangement keeping the deck in a horizontal position and being stored with a simple procedure.
CONSTITUTION: This deck overturning table with a deck 2 to be stored in a supporting leg 1 by turning between the horizontal position and the folded position is equipped with an elevating caster 10 with a caster 11 set on the supporting leg 1 and capable of rising and setting at the ground of the supporting leg 1 by the vertical motion and a caster position switching mechanism 15 to change the position of the elevating caster 10 to the ascending position and the descending position. The caster position switching mechanism 15 is capable of position changing operation at the deck 2 in the horizontal position. When the deck 2 is folded, the caster position switching mechanism 15 and the deck 2 are interlocked so that the elevation caster 10 in the ascending position is switched to the descending position interlocking to turning of the deck 2.

Inagaki, Toshiichi
Hirose, Nobuyuki
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2004
Filing Date:
October 03, 1994
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International Classes:
A47B3/08; (IPC1-7): A47B3/08
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岡田 英彦
小玉 秀男
長谷川 哲哉
岩田 哲幸