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Japanese Patent JP2018118752
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a tap locking mechanism with high multiplicity of use which enables prevention of leakage with a simple structure.SOLUTION: A tap 1 for pouring liquid stored in a container consists of a tap main body 13 and a lever 10, with one end B stored in the tap main body 13 and the other end T facing the one end B and located out of the tap main body 13, which is operable to turn the other end T in a circle within a predetermined angle around an axis passing the neighborhood of the end B. The tap has a tap locking mechanism 5, switchable to a fixed state in which the lever 10 is fixed in an inoperable manner and an unlocked state to release the fixation, with a cylindrical locking part 12, attached to and hard-to-remove from the lever 10, which is movable along the axis of the lever 10, within a part of the lever 10 protruding from the tap main body 13.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

岡田 博
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Publication Date:
August 02, 2018
Filing Date:
January 24, 2017
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International Classes:
B67D1/08; B67D3/04; F16B1/02; F16K35/10
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太田 昌孝
金森 靖宏