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Japanese Patent JP2004025435
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To continuously perform female screw machining even in the case of long workpiece.

The device has a straight tap 6 movably supported in the longitudinal direction, a tap clamper 15 which detachably fixes the base end side of the tap 6 and is movable in the longitudinal direction, and a tap pusher 17 which is positioned at the base end side of the tap 6 and is movable independently of the tap clamper 15. The base end side of the tap 6 is fixed to the tap clamper 15 at the time of tapping, and the tap 6 is moved through the tap clamper 15. After completion of tapping, the base end side of the tap 6 becomes free, moves forward to move the tap 6 in the state where the tip of the tap pusher 17 abuts on the base end side of the tap 6. After that, the workpiece externally fitted to the tap pusher 17 is dropped and collected by retracting the tap pusher 17.

Shimizu, Tokichi
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Publication Date:
January 29, 2004
Filing Date:
April 16, 2003
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International Classes:
B23G1/18; B23G1/46; (IPC1-7): B23G1/18; B23G1/46
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稲葉 滋
稲葉 昭治