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Japanese Patent JP3275557
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PURPOSE: To eliminate the restriction in mounting direction by providing a permanent magnet for sucking a temperature-sensing ferrite, a magnetic yoke sealed to the permanent magnet, a shaft sealed to the temperature-sensing ferrite, and a spring for separating the temperature-sensing ferrite.
CONSTITUTION: A permanent magnet 3 fixed to a temperature-sensing ferrite 2 and a magnetic yoke 4 achieves a magnetic attraction. The yoke 4 returns the magnetic flux generated by the magnet 3 to the magnet 3 via the temperature-sensing ferrite 2. A shaft 5 where a light-screening plate 7 is mounted is sealed to the temperature-sensing ferrite 2 and a repulsion force in the direction for separating the temperature-sensing ferrite 2 from the magnet 3 is operated on the shaft 5 by a spring 6. The light-screening plate 7 intrigues into the light path of a light switch 8 provided between light projection and light reception fibers 10 and 11 to screen signal light when the temperature- sensing ferrite 2 leaves the magnet 3 and the shaft 5 moves in the direction of an arrow.

Suzuki, Yoshiyuki
Tanaka, Hideyuki
Nakamura, Yutaka
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Publication Date:
February 08, 2002
Filing Date:
September 05, 1994
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G01K1/02; G01K5/62; G01K7/36; H01H36/00; (IPC1-7): G01K7/36; G01K1/02; H01H36/00
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篠部 正治