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Japanese Patent JP2019045213
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To improve responsiveness of a temperature sensor.SOLUTION: A temperature sensor comprises thermocouple elements 2, 3, a sheath 4, a temperature measurement contact 10, and a metal tube 5. The sheath 4 is formed in a cylindrical shape, and holds the thermocouple elements 2, 3 through an insulation material filling itself. The temperature measurement contact 10 is formed by joining end parts of the thermocouple elements 2, 3 together. The temperature sensor has, in a cross section of the sheath 4 in a plane perpendicular to an axis AX of the sheath 4 formed in the cylindrical shape, parts of the thermocouple elements 2, 3 which are held in the sheath 4 arranged such that the thermocouple element 2 is arranged in one of regions parted by a straight line orthogonal to the axis AX, the thermocouple element 3 is arranged in the other region, and the axis AX is positioned in an inter-element region. The temperature measurement contact 10 is eccentric with respect to the axis AX.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

大矢 俊哉
松田 斉也
大矢 誠二
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March 22, 2019
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August 30, 2017
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G01K7/02; G01K1/18
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