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Japanese Patent JP2007092584
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To provide a thermal power generation system wherein a contact bearing with a minimum contact area is used, a turbine can be rotated for a long period of time without restriction of kinds of working medium, rotation can be smoothly started, and a problem of deterioration in whole efficiency caused by a troublesome control or electric consumption unlike electromagnetic support is eliminated, so that a cost is reduced and generating efficiency is good.

By a collector 1 absorbing thermal energy, the working medium 3 is heated directly or indirectly, vapor of the working medium 3 is jetted from a nozzle 8, and the turbine 5 is rotary driven by high-pressure vapor from the nozzle 8. The rotation of the turbine 5 rotates a generator rotor 6A in a generator 6, and a generator starter part 6B disposed to face the generator rotor 6A generates electric power. A main shaft 7 connecting the turbine 5 with the generator rotor 6A is installed in a vertical direction, and a lower end of a main shaft 7 is supported by a pivot part 11, and an upper part of the main shaft 7 is supported by repulsion of permanent magnets 12, 13.

Ozaki, Takami
Okada, Koichi
Suzuki, Nobuyuki
Isobe, Hiroshi
Sasaki, Norihiko
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Publication Date:
April 12, 2007
Filing Date:
September 28, 2005
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F01D25/16; F01D5/28; F01D15/10; F01D25/00; F01D25/18; F01D25/22; F01K13/00; F01K25/10; F03G6/00; F16C17/08; F16C32/04; F16C33/10; H02K7/09; H02K7/18
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野田 雅士
杉本 修司