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Japanese Patent JP01198015
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PURPOSE: To make continuous a treatment of forming films in multiple layers, by a method wherein a laser beam from one oscillator is split by splitters and introduced into a plurality of reaction chambers and a gate valve is provided between each reaction chamber and a preparatory chamber or a substrate conveying element provided before or behind the reaction chamber.

CONSTITUTION: After a preparatory chamber 12A under the atmospheric pressure is exhausted to be high vacuum, a gate valve 13A is opened, and a substrate 2A set in said chamber is conveyed into a reaction chamber 1A in the state of high vacuum by a substrate conveying mechanism. After the gate valve 13A is closed, a reaction gas 5 is supplied, a shutter 16A is opened to introduce a laser beam, and thereby a first-layer thin film is formed on the substrate 2A. After the passage of a reaction time required for this formation, the shutter 16A is closed to stop the supply of the laser beam and the reaction gas 5 into the reaction chamber 1A, and a residual reaction gas is exhausted. The gate valve 13A being opened, the substrate 2A is transferred from the reaction chamber 1A into the preparatory chamber 12A in the state of high vacuum, and it is taken out therefrom after the gate valve 13A is closed. Next, the substrate 2A is set in a preparatory chamber 12B, treatments for second and third layers are conducted in the same way as the above, and the substrate is taken out from a preparatory chamber 12C.

Oda, Masao
Kobayashi, Toshiyuki
Nishida, Yoshihide
Kinoshita, Yoshimi
Yoshikawa, Yuuki
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Publication Date:
August 09, 1989
Filing Date:
February 03, 1988
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International Classes:
H01L21/205; H01L21/263; H01L21/31; H01L21/02; (IPC1-7): H01L21/205; H01L21/263; H01L21/31