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Japanese Patent JPH0724172
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PURPOSE: To automatize a thread tying operation at the time of thread change, and to improve the work efficiency by constituting a pusher fitted and installed in a cylindrical casing by which two pieces of threads are wound round a bobbin part in the tip, so that two pieces of threads are tied automatically by an operation for its reciprocating motion.

CONSTITUTION: In the case of tying threads Y, Ya, an annular part R is formed by bundling the thread Y and the thread Ya being in a state they are set to a sewing machine, hooking them successively to guide implements 9, 10, and also, winding both the threads round a bobbin part 13 of a casing 12. Subsequently, the threads Y, Ya are allowed to pass through from the upper part of a notch part 18 and each thread is crossed in the vicinity of a notch groove 19, and a middle part of the threads Y, Ya of an end side from this crossing part C is positioned in a through-hole for passing through the casing 12. Next, a pusher 22 is pushed in, so that the threads Y, Ya are received by a thread receiving notch in the tip of the pusher, and by protruding the tip part of the pusher 22 from the tip of the casing 12, the end side of the thread is inserted through into the annular part R. Thereafter, the pusher 22 is released, and by drawing the end parts of the threads Y, Ya, a tie is formed.

Takagi, Akitoshi
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Publication Date:
January 27, 1995
Filing Date:
July 06, 1993
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D05B43/00; (IPC1-7): D05B43/00
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西山 聞一