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Japanese Patent JPS6478822
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PURPOSE: To permit the molding of a multi-direction recessed and projected three-dimensional body easily without any complicated operation such as re-chucking of a work, replacement of a tool or the like, by a method wherein a processing machine, equipped with a material supplying and processing shaft capable of laminating materials sequentially while effecting relative movement in X, Y, Z axis with respect to a reference plane based on the three- dimensional figure information of a computer which stores and processes the three-dimensional figure information and forming the profile of an article, is provided in the title device.

CONSTITUTION: When a water jug 21 with a handle is to be molded, the bottom surface of a vessel is determined as the reference section (a) of an article, sections (m), (p) are set with proper intervals sequentially in parallel to the reference section (a) and the profiles of respective sections are described. The line of profile is divided into fine divisions in every sectional drawings, the numerical data of respective divisions are stored in a data memorizing medium and, then, the data is added with processing conditions and is transferred to a processing machine 2 as a processing data. The processing machine 2, which has received the processing data, supplies and secures materials sequentially to the positions of the processing data in accordance with the data of the section (a) thereby constituting the configuration of the profile. Subsequently, the inside of the profile is filled with a material. Next, the configuration of upper profile is constituted on the section (a) in accordance with the data of the section (m). The same operation is effected with respect to the section (p).

Fujimaki, Makoto
Kitsuta, Tetsuo
Nakayama, Shinichi
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Publication Date:
March 24, 1989
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September 21, 1987
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B21C37/00; B21D37/20; B21D53/44; B22C7/00; B23K9/04; B29C33/38; B29C67/00; (IPC1-7): B21C37/00; B21D37/20; B21D53/44; B22C7/00; B23K9/04; B29C33/38; B29C67/00
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