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Japanese Patent JP2019002433
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To provide a three-dimensional structure whose strength in a specific direction is lower than a strength in the other direction (which has anisotropy with respect to the strength) and which is destroyed to absorb an impact force that acts in the specific direction.SOLUTION: A three-dimensional structure 1 is configured by: (a) separately disposing a pair of annular frame-shaped body parts in such a manner that the annular frame-shaped body parts face each other and connecting the pair of frame-shaped body parts via multiple rod-shaped parts, thereby forming a lattice structure unit body 6 (7); (b) connecting the multiple lattice structure unit bodies 6 (7), thereby forming an H-shaped lattice structure 2 from a pair of longitudinal-side skeleton parts 4 and 4 and a lateral-side skeleton part 5 connecting the pair of longitudinal-side skeleton parts 4 and 4; (c) positioning the lattice structure 2 in such a manner that the rod-shaped part of the lattice structure unit body 6 (7) is in a direction of extension of the lateral-side skeleton part 5; and (d) connecting multiple lattice structures 2 in such a manner that the lateral-side skeleton parts 5 of the lattice structures 2 are aligned in the same direction.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

長井 三四郎
橋本 将臣
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January 10, 2019
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June 13, 2017
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F16S5/00; B29C64/153; B33Y80/00
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