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Japanese Patent JPH01105435
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PURPOSE: To calibrate the temperature before sealing and align the whole operation state as a thermal switch by arranging a depressing mechanism for temperature calibration nearly at the center of the main face of a supporter.

CONSTITUTION: The left end of a metal elastic body 7 is fixed to the left portion shown in the figure of the nearly triangular main face 4A of a supporter 4, and its right end is fixed to the right end shown in the figure of a thermal reaction plate 5 deformed in response to the temperature change such as a bimetal via a connecting piece 6. The thermal reaction plate 5 has a plane shape with a round portion at the center and projections 5A, 5B and 5C in three directions, and movable contacts 5D and 5E are fixed to the projections 5A and 5B. A circular portion 4F receiving a screw 4S is provided at the center of a long hole 4D at the center of the main face 4A of the supporter 4, and this screw 4S is screwed to depress the thermal reaction plate 5, thus the operation temperature is calibrated. The operation and recovery function as a thermal switch can be thereby calibrated and checked before a cover 10 is fixed.

Ubukata, Susumu
Mizutani, Yasukazu
Iyoda, Shozo
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April 21, 1989
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October 07, 1987
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H01H37/18; H01H37/54; H01H81/02; H01H5/30; (IPC1-7): H01H37/54
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