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Japanese Patent JPH08317676
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PURPOSE: To obtain an efficient thrust generation device by providing a cylindrical permanent magnet with a rotary means for generating a conversion magnetic field for a rotary disc which can rotate on the side surface of a fixed disc in the circumferential direction and providing a fixed permanent magnet where a rotary force can be given by the cylindrical permanent magnet at the opposing position of the cylindrical permanent magnet at the rotary disc.

CONSTITUTION: A fixed disc 10 has a bearing 17 and a cylindrical permanent magnet (CM) 18 is provided at regular intervals along the circumference. The CM 18 is split into N and S poles at a diameter position and is supported rotatably around the rotary shaft in a radial direction of the fixed disc 10. The N and S poles of a permanent magnet 25 are arranged at a position opposite to the CM 18 for a rotary disc 11. With the permanent magnet 25 as A-D and CM 18 as A1-D2, the magnets A-D are attracted by the magnet A1-D2 in a stationary state. Then, by rotating the magnets A1-D2, poles being equal to those of the magnets A-D are generated and a repulsion force in the direction indicated by arrow X is generated. Further, an N-pole magnet A causes an attraction force in the direction indicated by arrow Y to be acted upon S-pole magnets B1 and B2 and a rotary force in Z direction is given to the rotary disc 11.

Nagaoka, Akira
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Publication Date:
November 29, 1996
Filing Date:
May 17, 1995
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H02K7/00; H02N15/00; (IPC1-7): H02N15/00; H02K7/00
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加藤 久