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Japanese Patent JPH04133656
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PURPOSE: To see that it does not cause fluid friction as far as possible so as to get a highly efficient thrust generator by shifting a compulsion duct wall and equalizing the shifting speed and the flow velocity of magnetic fluid.

CONSTITUTION: A compulsion duct 2 is constituted by helically winding a hollow duct, whose cross section is rectangular, and the entry-side end 6 and the delivery-side end 7 are extended along the center axis 1a such that the centers of respective top apertures 6a and 7a are positioned on the center axis 1a of a superconducting magnet 1. Moreover, a positive electrode 8, on the inside of the propulsion duct 2, and a negative pole 9, on the outside, are arranged. A power feeder not shown in the figure is constituted of a plurality of current lead parts 12 and a bus device, which supplies this current lead part with a current. Furthermore, the current lead part on the inside, with the positive electrode 8, and the current lead part on the outside, with the negative pole 9, are connected. And by the current supplied from the power feeder 3, a magnetic field and Lorentz's force are generated in the current lead part 12, and the duct 2 is rotated by the Lorentz's force.

Tada, Eiichi
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Publication Date:
May 07, 1992
Filing Date:
September 21, 1990
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B63H11/04; B63H19/00; H02K44/04; H02K44/08; (IPC1-7): B63H11/04; B63H19/00; H02K44/04; H02K44/08