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Japanese Patent JP11089912
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To provide a toe brush capable of imparting mechanical stimuli and electric stimuli using pulse voltages simultaneously to effective spots for applying stimuli on toes so called in Oriental medicine and of electrochemically sterilizing miscellaneous germs that may grow on the toes by use of potential difference caused by the pulse voltages.

In a toe brush in which a brush head part 3 is connected to the end of a handle part 2 enclosing an electric circuit part where pulse voltages are generated by means of a polarity reversing switch, general brush bristles 4 are embedded into the brush head part 3, and one or several pairs of electrodes 5 and 5' made of conductive brush bristles are arranged in parallel at certain intervals, the ends of the conductive brush bristles being embedded into such positions that even if the brush is slightly tilted, the ends make direct contact with the skin of the toes, with the first ends of the conductive brush bristles connected to the electric circuit 1 so that the pulse voltages are produced on the electrodes by the action of the polarity reversing switch.

Kitamura, Shuichi
Tochio, Yoshiro
Kamezawa, Takashi
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Publication Date:
April 06, 1999
Filing Date:
September 23, 1997
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A46B15/00; A61H7/00; A61H39/00; A61H39/04; A61N1/32; A46B15/00; A61H7/00; A61H39/00; A61H39/04; A61N1/32; (IPC1-7): A61H39/00; A46B15/00; A61H7/00; A61H39/04; A61N1/32