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Japanese Patent JPH10286196
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To facilitate the mounting operation of a toilet seat cover by providing a thin line hole on the peripheral surface part of a through window provided on a center part surrounded by the seat part of a toilet seat main body and providing a button hookable to the thin line hole on the toilet seat cover for covering the seat part in a toilet seat for a little child used by being mounted on the toilet seat for an adult.

This toilet seat for the little child is constituted of the toilet seat main body A and the toilet seat cover B and the toilet seat main body A is provided with a main body part 1, a front screen part 2 and a locking mechanism 3. The main body part 1 is provided with the seat part 12 around the through window 11 in a size capable of mounting the hip of the little child at the center and the plural thin line holes 16 are provided on the peripheral part of the through window 11 at appropriate intervals. In the meantime, for the toilet seat cover B, freely extendible and contractible cloth 4 is formed in a ring shape, a core material 5 is provided on an outer peripheral edge in a diameter slightly smaller than the outer peripheral surface 14 of the toilet main body part 1 and further, the button 6 hookable to the thin line hole 16 is provided. Then, the toilet seat cover B is attached to the main body A by putting around the position of the core material 5 to the lower part of the outer peripheral surface 14 so as to cover the seat part 12 and hooking the button 6 to the thin line hole 16.

Kawasaki, Hisaaki
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Publication Date:
October 27, 1998
Filing Date:
April 15, 1997
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A47K13/06; (IPC1-7): A47K13/06
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近藤 彰