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Japanese Patent JP2011128555
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To provide toner which is capable of obtaining images having high strength immediately after being fixed regardless that the consumption energy is extremely small in a fixing step and having strong abrasion resistance and which is also excellent in heat-resistant storage stability, a method for producing the toner, and a fixing method, an image forming method and an image forming apparatus each using the toner.

The toner includes a colorant, and a binder resin, wherein the toner is fixed on a recording medium using a fixing liquid containing a softening agent for softening the toner, and wherein a weight average molecular weight of a THF soluble fraction of the toner in a molecular weight distribution measured by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is 3,000 to 8,300; and a glass transition temperature of the toner measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is 50-70°C.

Shidara, Yasusada
Watanabe, Yoichiro
Katano, Yasuo
Nakayama, Shinya
Inoue, Ryuta
Moriya, Yoshihiro
Sabe, Akiyoshi
Sakashita, Shingo
Nakajima, Yukiko
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Publication Date:
June 30, 2011
Filing Date:
December 21, 2009
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International Classes:
G03G9/087; G03G9/08; G03G13/20
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舘野 千惠子