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Japanese Patent JP2004025439
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To obtain an inserting end structure for a rotary and/or a striking tool which transmits high rotation moment without wear, even if the size of the radial direction is small, and has excellent behavior against shock.

The tool inserting end structure has at least one rotating transmission projection 2 projecting in the radial direction, and at least one locking groove 3 which is arranged between guide areas 1a, 1b separated from each other in the axial direction, and closed in the end of axial direction. The tool of rotating motion and/or striking motion which movably hooks a locking body 4 which is movable in the radial direction in a tool housing part 5 within the limited range in the locking groove 3 in the axial direction. The guide dimension F of at least one of guide areas 1a, 1b, the width B of the rotating transmission projection 2 in the section of the area A in the axial direction of the locking groove 3, and thickness D in the orthogonal direction to the width direction, are set to be D < F < B.

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January 29, 2004
Filing Date:
June 20, 2003
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B25D17/02; B23B51/00; B25D17/08; (IPC1-7): B25D17/02; B23B51/00
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杉村 興作