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Japanese Patent JPH0751964
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PURPOSE: To reduce the size of the rotation section of the tip part of a spindle and facilitate assembly of a rotary part, such as bearing and a rotor, by a method wherein a protrusion part engaged with an engaging groove formed in a tool is formed on a cylinder body.

CONSTITUTION: In a tool inserted in the tool insertion hole 5 of the tip of a spindle 2, a grasping member is clamped by pulling a pull stud part by a clamp device in a state that the engaging groove 7 of a tool is engaged with the protrusion part 18 of a cylinder part 4 and rotation of a spindle 2 is transmitted to the tool. When the protrusion part 18 is damaged during clamping of the tool and releasing of the tool from clamping, by injecting high pressure oil in an oil pressure chamber 19 with the aid of a hydraulic pump, an oil film is formed between the cylinder body 4 and the spindle 2 at the same time when an oil pressure is exerted on the side part 20 of a stepped part 10 between the large and small parts 13 and 14 of the spindle 2, and the cylinder body 4 is slid in the direction of the axis of a spindle and removed.

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February 28, 1995
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August 19, 1993
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B23Q3/12; (IPC1-7): B23Q3/12