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Japanese Patent JP3210955
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable safe and careful control of a towing ship by inputting data from a attitude measurement means, a total station of a position detection means, a take-off detection means, and an installation detection means into a controller of the towing ship and controlling the direction of towing of a case body, an installation position, etc., from the towing ship based on these data.
SOLUTION: A posture measurement means is constituted in such a manner that leveling level gages 2a to 2d are arranged in four directions in a case body 1 and that water level sensors 4a to 4d are attached to each leveling level gage 2a to 2d. Moreover, a position measurement means consists of a prism and a total station, and the prism is attached to a tip of a winch tower erected in the case body 1 and the toal station which follows the prism automatically is installed on the ground. A take-off detection means is installed in a lower part of the case body 1, and an installation detection means is constituted by using a jack. A controller is installed on a towing ship, calculates a degree of inclination of the case body 1 based on deviation of water level, and corrects inclination of the case body 1 to control its attitude when the degree of inclination is out of a control value.

Hisaita, Masahiro
Kikuchi, Tetsuki
Hisawa, Yukihiko
Mizota, Hisashi
Kawahara, Keiji
Application Number:
Publication Date:
September 25, 2001
Filing Date:
July 25, 1996
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International Classes:
B63B21/66; (IPC1-7): B63B21/66
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
久保 司