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Japanese Patent JP2004121548
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To provide a transfer rubber string, useful for preventing falling in a scene having the danger of a care-receiver's breaking his posture to overturn in transfer assisting.

In this rubber string, ring-like member rubber rings 1A, 1B having elasticity are fitted to both ends of a belt-like member support part 6 having elasticity. In transfer assisting, the care-receiver 10 is put in the seating posture, a care giver 9 passes the hand through the rubber ring 1A or 1B from the side easy to fit and inserts the fingers in a stable rubber string 2A or 2B, and smaller upper surface 3A or 3B of hook and loop fasteners of the rubber rings 1A, 1B and a smaller lower face 3C or 3D of the hook and loop fasteners are controlled and stopped to the wrist. According to the same procedure, the rubber rings are fixed to both hands, the rings of the arms are applied extending from the back of the care-receiver 10 to the waist. In the case where great force is applied to the rings, when the fingers are hooked on fixing rubber strings 4A, 4B for assistance to control to the size of torso circumference, a support part 6 is bent at the stitches 5A, 5B to be superposed, fixed by the fixing rubber strings 4A, 4B and controlled in three stages.

Hayashi, Yasuhiro
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April 22, 2004
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October 02, 2002
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A61G1/00; A61G7/05; (IPC1-7): A61G1/00; A61G7/05