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Japanese Patent JP2019027517
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To obtain a high transmission ratio and to stop rotation of a first shaft or a second shaft on an early stage.SOLUTION: A speed-increasing gear 30 is configured to use only one movable roller. In a case where a ring part 34 is being rotated in a state where the movable roller is being moved reversely to a direction of meshing into a wedge, an engage part 33b is engaged to the ring part 34 in such a manner that a fastening force to a high-speed-side shaft 31, two stationary rollers and the movable roller by the ring part 34 is increased and that the ring part 34 is movable in an axial direction of the high-speed-side shaft 31 with respect to an arm part 33. Therefore, e.g., in a case where the ring part 34 is being rotated in the state where the movable roller is moved reversely to the direction of meshing into the wedge in order to reduce a rotation speed of the high-speed-side shaft 31 or to stop rotation of the high-speed-side shaft 31, a motive force of a low-speed-side shaft 16 is easily transmitted to the high-speed-side shaft 31.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

竹内 花帆
中根 芳之
福山 了介
佐藤 一穂
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February 21, 2019
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July 31, 2017
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恩田 誠
恩田 博宣

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