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Japanese Patent JPS5870118
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PURPOSE: To select and display a traveling route map, which is suitable for traveling of a vehicle, out of traveling route maps adjacent to a display traveling route map on the basis of traveling position information of the vehicle even if traveling routes are not set preliminarily.

CONSTITUTION: When a map is displayed on a CRT10 by picture information recorded on a cassette tape and a vehicle starts traveling, the traveling position of the vehicle is displayed on the CRT10 as a traveling locus T on the basis of traveling position information due to detection signals of a speed sensor 38 and a bearing sensor 40 as shown in figure according as the vehicle travels. When the traveling position of the vehicle is displayed in a display map change position, the operation for map switching is performed on the basis of position information in this change position, and the operation result is supplied as a map switching command to a cassette tape recorder 26. Display map change positions are set on lines L1, L2, L3, and L4 of four sides of the map, and the next map is selected on the basis of the traveling bearing of the vehicle in the display position.

Moriyama, Masakazu
Saito, Takao
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Publication Date:
April 26, 1983
Filing Date:
October 21, 1981
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G01C21/00; G01C21/20; G01C21/26; G06F3/153; G09G5/00; (IPC1-7): G01C21/20; G06F3/14; G09G1/00
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