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Japanese Patent JP2019011044
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To provide a travelling transportation cart for building material which can transport building material, such as a door frame, lightly and enables improvement of workability of building material transportation work.SOLUTION: A travelling transportation cart 40 for building material is formed including: a swing center shaft 47 fixed to a placement member 42 on which building material is placed; a link member 46 which is connected to the placement member 42 through the swing center shaft 47 and can vertically swing around the swing center shaft 47 relative to the placement member 42; multiple running wheels 44 which are disposed at an axle 43 which is attached to the link member 46 so that the axle 43 is arranged parallel to or substantially parallel to the swing center shaft 47; and an operation member 49 which is coupled to the link member 46 while forming an angle relative to a length direction of the link member 46. The placement member 42 is moved upward relative to the running wheels 44 through the link member 46 by operating force acting on the operation member 49, and the travelling transportation cart 40 travels through rotation of these running wheels 44.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 14

山上 重雄
村上 勝彦
前田 隆行
舘野 仁志
石塚 洋司
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Publication Date:
January 24, 2019
Filing Date:
May 17, 2018
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B62B1/26; B62B5/00; B62B5/06; E04G21/16
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山川 茂樹
小池 勇三
安藤 武