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Japanese Patent JPH11122872
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To provide a turbogenerator which can reinforce cooling of a rotor, and simplify thermal separation in cooling of the rotor from a stator.

This turbogenerator 10 is provided with a rotor 11, a stator 12 which is separated from the rotor 11 with an air gap 14, by concentrically surrounding the rotor 11, and a cooling device. In the cooling device, gaseous cooling medium flowing through a cooling passage which a main fan 33 encounters is drawn into the rotor 11 and the stator 12, passed through coolers 22, 23, 24, and returned to the cooling passage. In a heating condition, the cooling medium is passed through the rotor 11 to be flowed in the axial direction, is blown off into the air gap 14, and returns from the air gap 14 to the main fan 33. By passing the cooling medium heated by the rotor 11 through a discharge passage 15 in the stator 12 from the air gap 11 to the outside in the radial direction, and returning it to the main fan 33 at the outside of the stator 12 through a cooling air return passage 21, it is possible to attain reinforced cooling of the rotor 11.

Hess, Stephan
Joho, Reinhard
Wolfersdorf, Dr. Jens Von
Zimmermann, Hans
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Publication Date:
April 30, 1999
Filing Date:
August 21, 1998
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H02K9/06; H02K1/20; H02K9/00; H02K9/04; H02K9/12; H02K9/16; H02K9/18; (IPC1-7): H02K9/06; H02K9/18
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中村 稔 (外6名)