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Japanese Patent JP2000024332
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To provide an excellent maneuver performance, and optimally perform an aerial photographing and a crop-dusting or the like by arranging a pair of right and left rotors on the fuselage of a helicopter, and controlling respective rotors with a signal by a radio-control.

On the fuselage of a helicopter, a pair of right and left rotors 101, 102; 103, 104 are arranged, and the right and left rotors are rotated in the opposite directions from each other at a phase of 90°. Then, by a radio-control with a control device, an aileron servo, an elevator servo, a rudder servo, a throttle servo and a pitch servo which are provided on the right and left rotor driving devices, are controlled, and thus, an attitude control of the fuselage is performed, and a vertical take-off, a vertical landing, an advancing, a sweep- back, a side flight and take-offs/landings in all azimuths are performed. That is, a take-off/landing is performed by controlling the pitch servo and the throttle servo, and an advancing/sweep-back is performed by the elevator servo, and right and left angles of rake are controlled by the aileron servo, and a direction change in the lateral direction of the fuselage is performed by the rudder servo.

Takemoto, Takashi
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Publication Date:
January 25, 2000
Filing Date:
June 15, 1998
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A63H27/127; A63H29/22; A63H30/02; A63H30/04; (IPC1-7): A63H27/127; A63H29/22; A63H30/02; A63H30/04