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Japanese Patent JPH07259687
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PURPOSE: To improve sealing property between a valve body and a valve seat at the time of closing a valve, improve lubricating property between the valve body and the valve seat, and improve durability of the valve body and the valve seat, in a fuel injection valve for injecting gaseous fuel mainly.

CONSTITUTION: A valve chamber 54 which is communicated with a liquid passage 61 in which liquid fuel is circulated, a gas passage 53 in which gaseous fuel is circulated, and an injection port 50, is formed in an injection valve main body 41, and a valve body 57 for selectively allowing either one of the liquid passage 61 or the gas passage 53 to communicate with the injection port 50 is provided in the valve chamber 54. A check valve 62 for shutting off the injection port 50 by a spring force larger than pressure of liquid fuel but smaller than pressure of gaseous fuel is arranged between the injection port 50 and the valve chamber 54. Since liquid fuel is reserved in the valve chamber 54 and stuck on the valve body 57, a second valve seat 56 and the like, it is possible to improve sealing property and lubricating property between the valve body 57 and the second valve seat 56.

Kobayashi, Kazumitsu
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Publication Date:
October 09, 1995
Filing Date:
March 16, 1994
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F02M21/02; F02M43/04; F02M61/16; F02M61/18; (IPC1-7): F02M43/04; F02M21/02; F02M61/16; F02M61/18
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広瀬 和彦