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Japanese Patent JP3051254
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PURPOSE: To avoid the complicatedness in readjustment of a movable jaw stroke at release of a clamp by providing a sliding resistance attenuating mechanism which engages with a rotary shaft and besides makes the radial pressure causing the axial resistance enough for attenuating the maximum, sliding resistance working on a mobile jaw act elastically on the rotary shaft.
CONSTITUTION: At release of clamp, a rotary shaft is rotated in reverse direction to the time of clamp through a fastening screw. When any movable clamp does not slid due to the sliding resistance, the side of the rotary shaft seeks to slide in axial direction. But, since a ball 68 engages with the circular groove 60 in a housing 52, axial resistance works on the rotary shaft. Since this axial resistance is sent to attenuate the sliding resistance working on the movable jaw, this axial resistance overwhelms the sliding resistance, as a result, the movable jaw in stoppage condition starts the shifting, resisting the sliding resistance.

Fumei, Fumei
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Publication Date:
June 12, 2000
Filing Date:
March 18, 1992
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B25B1/10; (IPC1-7): B25B1/10
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菅原 一郎