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Japanese Patent JPS6469272
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PURPOSE: To improve efficiency of an ultrasonic motor and to control the noise low, by providing a groove to a rotor section and by arranging balls to transmit the force to pressure-weld the rotor and stator sections in this groove.

CONSTITUTION: In an ultrasonic motor a rotor section 13 is composed of a ring-shaped rotating body 11 having a groove 11a concentric to the in and outside circumferences to the end face on one side and a frictional material 2 stuck to this rotating body together. A stator section 6 is composed, on the other, of an elastic body 4 where the frictional material 2 abuts against the projected sections 4a and a piezoelectric body 5. The above stator 6 is held with a supporting piece 7 and a supporting member 8. On this occasion, the stator 6 is equipped with a retainer 21 having multiple holes to hold necessary numbers of balls 22 more than three to the ring-shaped plate, a ring-shaped holding frame 23, a wave washer 24 and a fixed frame 25. The holding frame 23 being movable in the axial direction, the force generated is transmitted from balls 22 to the groove 11a through a groove 23a, so that the rotor section 13 and the stator section 6 are pressure-welded with it.

Uchida, Koichi
Inaba, Ritsuo
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Publication Date:
March 15, 1989
Filing Date:
September 10, 1987
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H02N2/00; H01L41/09; (IPC1-7): H02N2/00
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