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Japanese Patent JPH08134747
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PURPOSE: To realize the stabilized continuous weaving operation with overall production efficiency increased in a tetra-axial weaving machine.

CONSTITUTION: This weaving machine has a three step structure where the warp feeder is arranged at the uppermost step, the oblique yarn feeder and sub-driving power source are at the middle step and the weft feeder and weaving unit and the main driving power source are at the lowermost step. The warp feeder comprises the warp beams 4 and the warp feeding unit 7, the oblique yarn feeder comprises a plurality of oblique yarn beams arranged in a circle 6, the oblique yarn feeding unit 7 and a swivel 3, and the weft feeding unit and weaving unit comprises the weft-feeding unit 8, the oblique yarn opener 9, the beater and the woven fabric winder 11, and the warp yarn guides and the oblique yarn guides are hung from the uppermost step down to the lowermost step. An elliptical oblique yarn guide ring 2 is set between the oblique yarn feeder and the oblique yarn swivel so that the yarn slides along the outer periphery of the guide, while individual yarn feeders are equipped with feed- tension adjuster and the abnormal, feed detector. The loom beating unit is arranged so that it opposes to the tetra-axial woven fabric nipped with the ring temples continuously mounted on both sides of a plurality of the rollers.

Ogawara, Kazumasa
Mineshige, Kunihiko
Ogawara, Michihiro
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Publication Date:
May 28, 1996
Filing Date:
November 11, 1994
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D03D25/00; D03D41/00; (IPC1-7): D03D41/00; D03D25/00
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森 廣三郎