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Japanese Patent JP3736448
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a used article collection box devised easy to discriminate its input port and to be miniaturized.
SOLUTION: The collection box is furnished with a main body part 12, an upper cover 13 assembled free to open and close on an upper end opening of the main body part 12 and a display board 14 provided on the back side of the main body part 12 and the upper cover 13. An upper surface 33 of the upper cover 13 is inclined to the front direction, and the upper cover 13 is furnished with a pair of the left and right input ports 34. These input ports 34 are formed by folding click parts 36 formed by slitting an upper surface 33 in a U-shape from the front side to the deep side into the inside of the upper cover 13. Size of the input ports 34 is large enough for an ink cartridge to pass through, display parts 38 are provided on the click parts 36, and guide display to urge a user to input the ink cartridge is displayed.

Toshiyasu Minami
Hiroto Nakamura
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Publication Date:
January 18, 2006
Filing Date:
December 12, 2001
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Seiko Epson Corporation
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B65F1/00; B65D6/02; B65D25/20; B65F1/16; (IPC1-7): B65F1/00; B65D6/02; B65D25/20; B65F1/16
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Hironobu Onda
Makoto Onda