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Japanese Patent JPH10238956
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To hold a vacuum degree in a furnace body at an arbitrary target value by providing a sensing means for sensing the vacuum degree in the body and a setting means for setting the value in the vacuum degree in the furnace, and controlling a motor by an inverter so that the sensed degree coincides with a set target value.

A defatting sintering furnace comprises an exhaust system L1 for exhausting a furnace body 1 and a gas introducing system L2 for introducing gas into the body 1. The system L1 consists of a roughly drawing line 11 connected to an exhaust port 1a of the body 1, and a main drawing line 12 connected in parallel with the line 11. In this case, a set value of a vacuum degree setter 18 is converted into a signal, and output to an inverter 17. And, a pressure sensor 16 converts vacuum degree in the body 1 into a signal, and which is output to the inverter 17. Rotational speeds of a booster pump 6 and a rotary pump 8 are controlled so that the vacuum degree of the sensor 16 coincides with a target value set by the setter 18 by the inverter 17, and exhaust amount and speed are suitably regulated.

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Publication Date:
September 11, 1998
Filing Date:
February 28, 1997
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International Classes:
F27B14/04; F27B17/00; (IPC1-7): F27B14/04; F27B17/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kazuhiro Akazawa