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Japanese Patent JP2005076631
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To provide a structure for a combination pump of small size, enabling pumping to be performed from 1,000 mbar down to 10-8 mbar normally required in some kinds of industries, and suitable for being integrated into vicinity of a vacuum enclosure or a processing chamber.

A vacuum pump comprises, in a common pump main body 100: molecular drag pump stages 5 in series with a regenerative pump stages 9. The molecular drag pump stages 5 comprise a molecular drag rotor 5a including a blind axial cavity 5c open toward the downstream end, and a motor 7 is housed at least in a part in said blind axial cavity 5c. A drive shaft 8 is coupled via its upstream end 8a to the molecular drag rotor 5a, and coupled via its downstream end 8b to a regenerative type rotor 9a. The motor 7 is secured to the central segment of the drive shaft 8.

Rival, Jean-luc
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Publication Date:
March 24, 2005
Filing Date:
August 18, 2004
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International Classes:
F04D19/04; F04D23/00; (IPC1-7): F04D19/04; F04D23/00
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川口 義雄
一入 章夫
小野 誠
大崎 勝真
坪倉 道明