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Japanese Patent JP2003278933
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To provide a valve opening/closing device for variably controlling the valve opening/closing time and less prone to cause any operational mistakes.

This valve opening/closing device comprises a rotary shaft 4 reciprocal between a starting point and a terminating end, a spring 7 which is coiled by the rotation of the rotary shaft from the starting point to the terminating point, and rotates the rotary shaft from the terminating point to the starting point, a cam 9 to be rotated by the rotary shaft, a cam rod 13 which is driven by the cam to open/close a valve, a one-way clutch 10 to be engaged with the rotary shaft when the rotary shaft is rotated from the terminating point to the starting point, a power generator 20 to be driven by the rotary shaft via the one-way clutch 10, first and second loads connected to the power generator, a switch 20a which is turned ON/OFF, and connects one of the first load and the second load when the switch is turned ON, and connects the other to the power generator, and a switch operating cam 104.

Watanabe, Kazuyuki
Hirakawa, Tomohiro
Watanabe, Akira
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Publication Date:
October 02, 2003
Filing Date:
March 26, 2002
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International Classes:
E03D3/06; E03D3/12; E03D5/02; F16K21/04; F16K31/44; (IPC1-7): F16K21/04; E03D3/06; E03D3/12; E03D5/02; F16K31/44