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Japanese Patent JPS6075909
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PURPOSE:To obtain a simple monitor device by providing the 1st and 2nd limit switches to a motor operated valve and displaying with inversion of a symbol pattern of the valve with the binary signal outputs corresponding to the open/ close of the limit switches. CONSTITUTION:A limit switch S1 has a constant close contact and opens this contact with full open of a motor operated valve 8 which is done by a valve drive motor 9. While a limit switch S2 has a constant close contact and opens this contact with full close of the valve 8. The motor 9 is fed through a feeder 18, and the power is fed to both switches S1 and S2 and pilot lamps 20 and 21 via a rectifying power supply device 19. These lamps 20 and 21 are shown in different colors and monitored by a central control board, etc. In addition, relays 16 and 17 are set in parallel to the lamps 20 and 21. Then constant close contacts 16-1, and 17-1 of relays 16 and 17 are connected to an input part 12 of an electronic computer 14. Thus the right and left halves of a butterfly-shaped valve symbol pattern are displayed independently of each other on the screen of a CRT display device 15.

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April 30, 1985
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October 03, 1983
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F16K37/00; G05B23/02; (IPC1-7): G05B23/02