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Japanese Patent JP2001155512
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To improve the outward appearance of a marker lighting by providing design originality of the lighting fixture in an on-vehicle marker light.

A diffusion lens element 18s2 is formed at prescribed position deviated from the optical axis Ax of the lighting fixture in an inner lens 18, and the reflecting surface 14a of a reflector 14 is divided into an area 14a1 on the side of an inner periphery and an area 14a2 on the side of an outer periphery with the optical axis Ax2 of the lens element as a boundary. These respective areas 14a1, 14a2 consist of a curved surface which is in contact with a paraboloid of revolution P with the optical axis AX as a center axis on the optical axis Ax2 and which is curved toward a front side with respect to the paraboloid of revolution P. Thus, light from a filament 12a is incident as a radial-direction convergent light on the element 18s2 to make the lens s2 brightly shine and to reflect the image of the filament 12a at the center position of the element 18s2 in the front view of the lighting fixture and at the time of moving eyes in a radial direction, the image of the filament 12a is moved to a side opposite to an eye moving direction to provide originality to the design of the lighting fixture.

Natsume, Kazunori
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Publication Date:
June 08, 2001
Filing Date:
November 30, 1999
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F21S8/10; F21V13/04; F21W107/10; (IPC1-7): F21S8/10
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森山 隆