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Japanese Patent JP2011203797
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To provide a vehicle that can move in a lateral direction while maintaining the direction of a truck, with a small number of components.

A vehicle body includes: the truck; a driving unit connected to the truck so as to be relatively rotated; a pair of driving wheels which are arranged in the driving unit and are independently driven, and are normally and reversely rotatable; a turning brake configured to constrain the driving unit and the truck so that they can not be relatively rotated; and a steering angle calculator for calculating a steering angle. When moving the vehicle body to a lateral direction while maintaining the direction of the truck, one driving wheel is rotated normally, and the other driving wheel is rotated reversely, so that the driving unit is steered and turned until the steering angle calculated by the steering angle calculator reaches a preset angle, and the truck is turned reversely by an angle which is equal to the steering angle, and constrained by the turning brake and the vehicle body is moved.

Yamada, Munekimi
Takada, Kazutoshi
Nishimura, Masaru
Suzuki, Kentaro
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Publication Date:
October 13, 2011
Filing Date:
March 24, 2010
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International Classes:
G05D1/02; B61B13/00; B62D9/00; B62D65/18
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