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Japanese Patent JP2008265402
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To change a temperature sensor without disassembling an air-conditioning case in a vehicular air-conditioner in which a sensor fitting member holds the temperature sensor and is attachably/detachably fitted to an evaporator.

A rigid body coupling part 33 capable of attaching/detaching a bar-shaped rigid body 100 thereto/therefrom is provided on a sensor fitting member 3, and an opening 12 through which a temperature sensor 4, the sensor fitting member 3 and the rigid body 100 can pass is formed in an air-conditioning case 1. When changing the temperature sensor 4, a cap closing the opening 12 is detached to open the opening, the rigid body (for example, a screwdriver) 100 is coupled with the rigid body coupling part 33, and the temperature sensor 4 and the sensor fitting member 3 are attached/detached by using the rigid body 100.

Nagata, Osamu
Application Number:
Publication Date:
November 06, 2008
Filing Date:
April 17, 2007
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International Classes:
B60H1/32; F24F11/02; F25B49/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
伊藤 洋二
三浦 高広
水野 史博