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Japanese Patent JP2019031150
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To improve the practical utility of a vehicular brake system in which a hydraulic brake device is provided for one of a front wheel and a rear wheel, and an electric brake device is provided for the other thereof.SOLUTION: An electric brake device is configured so as to achieve such a state that there is a clearance between a brake pad and a disc rotor when there is no request for braking force (S15). For a hydraulic brake device, a control device executes control (S6) for generating hydraulic braking force according to the degree of a braking force request, from a time when the braking force request occurs. On the other hand, for the electric brake device, the control device executes: (a) control (S10, S11) for eliminating the clearance, after the braking force request occurs until the degree of the braking force request increases up to a threshold degree; and (b) control (S8) for generating electric braking force according to the degree of the braking force request, after the degree of the braking force request reaches the threshold degree. The generation timing of the electric braking force becomes appropriate with respect to the generation timing of the hydraulic braking force.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

大久保 勝康
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February 28, 2019
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August 07, 2017
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B60T8/00; B60L7/14; B60L7/24; B60T8/17; B60T13/74; F16D65/18
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