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Japanese Patent JP2019164977
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To improve the design during lighting of the lighting fixture in the vehicular lighting fixture equipped with a tabular transparent material.SOLUTION: After the light from a light source 40, incidents on a bend 34 of a tabular transparent material 30 via a rod-like transparent material 42, is totally reflected by a plurality of reflective elements 34s formed on a first plate surface 34b, the light is emitted from a second plate surface 34a toward the front of the lighting fixture. At this time, the plurality of reflective elements 34s are disposed in a state of being continuously arranged along each of a plurality of lines L extending in the required direction so that the tabular transparent material 30 looks like it shines linearly along each line L. In addition, by setting the surface shape of each reflective element 34s to be concave spherical, the total reflection in each reflective element 34s is performed substantially equally toward all directions. And even if the eyeshot direction when observing the tabular transparent material 30 is largely changed, the state where the tabular transparent material 30 looks like it shines linearly along the line L is maintained, as if an optical fiber looks like it shines.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

堀川 彰仁
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September 26, 2019
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September 13, 2018
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F21S43/239; F21S43/13; F21S43/14; F21S43/237; F21S43/245; F21S43/247; G02B6/00
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森山 隆