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Japanese Patent JP2018197585
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To prevent a shift change from occurring at a shift change between a drive range and a reverse range in a vehicle incorporating a crank-type stepless transmission.SOLUTION: When a vehicle travels in deceleration, transmission of drive force from an input shaft 12 to an output shaft 13 by a stepless transmission T is shut off, and a reverse transmission of drive force from the output shaft 13 to the input shaft 12 is performed by an auxiliary power transmission mechanism A, and therefore it is possible to obtain an engine brake by the reverse-transmitted drive power driving an engine E. In a case where a shift change is performed between a drive range and a reverse range before the vehicle traveling in deceleration is fully stopped, brake means 67 disposed in the auxiliary power transmission mechanism A is operated to brake the vehicle. Further, when the vehicular speed becomes zero, the brake means 67 is disengaged, and therefore a time required for a shift change can be short, thus making it possible to prevent a shift shock from occurring by delaying the shift change until the vehicle comes to a full stop.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

下平 伸一
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December 13, 2018
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May 24, 2017
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F16H61/16; F16H21/20; F16H29/04; F16H31/00; F16H37/02; F16H59/36; F16H61/66
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