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Japanese Patent JP2003225758
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To provide a vessel in which a pipe extended from the vessel does not impair the carrying work efficiency, and a turnable pipe can be stably held while improving the sealing of the vessel.

A sleeve member 83 is turnable with respect to a connection cylindrical body 82 with the axial direction of the sleeve member 83 as the central axis C thereof. The sleeve member 83 is supported by a thrust bearing 88 fixed to an upper end part of the connection cylindrical body 82 or the like at a flange 83a. For example, when molten metal is fed from the vessel to a holding furnace 12, a substantial pipe 56 in a plane view is extended for use. When the vessel is carried by a forklift or the like, the length of the substantial pipe 56 in the plane view is reduced to prevent the pipe 56 from impairing the carrying work efficiency.

Mizuno, Hitoshi
Abe, Takeshi
Iyoda, Koji
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Publication Date:
August 12, 2003
Filing Date:
February 04, 2002
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B22D41/00; B22D35/00; B22D39/06; B22D41/12; B22D45/00; B22D46/00; (IPC1-7): B22D41/00; B22D35/00; B22D39/06; B22D41/12; B22D45/00; B22D46/00
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大森 純一