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Japanese Patent JP2003266173
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To provide a vessel in which it is unnecessary to exchange a part such as a stoke, and preheating can efficiently be performed and the temperature drop of molten metal, in case of receiving the molten metal or in the case of supplying the molten metal, can be restrained as lower as possible.

In the vessel in which the molten metal can be contained and carried to a using point while the vessel is mounted on a carrying car and supplied into the using point by pressing the inner part, a frame, a first lining which is positioned in the inside of the frame and includes a flowing passage of the molten metal penetrated from a portion near the bottom part in the vessel to an exposed part at the upper surface side of the vessel and has a first density filled up in a zone separating this flowing passage with a space for storing the molten metal in this vessel and filled up till the exposed part at the upper surface side of the vessel, a second lining which is interposed between the frame and the first lining and has a second density having lower density than the first density, and piping which is connected with the flowing passage in the exposed part and has downward inlet and outlet at the tip end part.

Mizuno, Hitoshi
Abe, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
September 24, 2003
Filing Date:
December 26, 2001
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B22D39/06; B22D17/30; B22D35/00; B22D41/00; B22D41/02; B22D41/12; B22D41/50; B22D41/54; F27D3/14; (IPC1-7): B22D39/06; B22D17/30; B22D41/00; B22D41/12
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大森 純一